Sunday, September 29, 2013

100th Post Special: Part 1-Top 10 Best Villains

"When the Devil is too busy

And Death's a bit too much

They call on me by name you see,

For my special touch.

To the Gentlemen I'm Miss Fortune

To the Ladies I'm Sir Prize

But call me by any name

Any way it's all the same"

-"When You're Evil"-Voltaire

Ah, villains. Without them, our heroes would lead boring, mundane lives.Everyone has favorites, and here are some of mine.

10) Shishio Makoto (Rurouni Kenshin) I've always felt the best villains are those who are a dark reflection of the hero.When Kenshin decided to no longer be an assassin, Shishio was employed in his stead.He is a ruthless, crafty man who is nothing like Kenshin, a kind-hearted, funny man who just wants to help others without violence.

9. Hellmaster Phibrizzo (Slayers Next) Hoo boy, is this kid scary! Don't let his innocent looks fool you. He can control the dead and can kill people by popping marbles that represent their life force.

8. Delphine Eraclea (Last Exile) Head of the guild, Delphine will do anything to control the skies. She has turned the Guild into a hive mind, which explains why Dio is so afraid of her: he does not want to lose himself.

7. King Hamdo (Now and Then, Here and There) King Hamdo is basically Hitler. He has kidnapped and brainwashed children into his army. That this has actually happened in today's world makes him all the more frightening.

6. Kushana (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind) This ruthless woman is my favorite Miyazaki villain.She foolishly believes she can control the monsters who once wiped out humanity and feels justified in her actions that threaten both humanity and the decaying environment.

5. Pride (Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood) Phibrizzo has nothing on this kid. He appears innocent, but uses this form to fool everyone expertly.He even goes so far as to eat his own minions!

4. Aion (Chrono Crusade) Aion a demon. He can not even say God's name because he must kneel before God's name.He is a heartless man who constantly puts innocent people in harm's way to break Rosette.

3. Legato (Trigun) This villain doesn't just want to kill Vash, that's too easy.He wants to break him and force him to go against everything he stands for.

2. Kira (Death Note) Kira seems to have good intentions: he wants to eliminate evil from the world by killing criminals. But he soon goes beyond that and kills anyone who threatens his twisted order.And he plots every move like a gifted chess player.

1. Johann Liebert (Monster) Satan would be proud to call this man his son.He can trick anyone into doing as he wishes based on his charisma and does not possess one fiber of goodness. He is the perfect villain.
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