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Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 The Press Conference

International Guest Cosplayers (Kaname, Ying Tze, Richfield, Angie)

Jakarta - September 5, 2013. Anime and Japan Pop-Culture lovers in Indonesia will be pleased with the return of Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFA ID) 2013. This will be the second time of AFA in Indonesia. AFA ID 2012 successfully gathered more than 40,000 fans in its two days event. And this year, AFA ID 2013 will be held in Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center for three days in a row, from September 6 until September 8, 2013. Fans can enjoy the performances of talented artists from Japan, films screening and cosplay exhibition. They also can order and enjoy delicious foods from Maid and Butler caf . AFA 2013 is trying to bring the unique experience from the famous Akihabara district to all the visitors.

As the main highlight, AFA ID 2013 presents 'I LOVE ANISONG' concert - anisong means anime song - that will be held on September 6 and September 7, 2013. The performers of this concert are the selected and talented artists from Japan, and their songs are already featured as theme song or soundtrack from several anime series. On the first day of the concert, there will be performances from Aya Hirano, May 'N and Eir Aoi. While BABYMETAL, FripSide and Kalafina will heat up the concert stage on the second day.

Performers (Aya Hirano, Eir Aoi, May'N)

Beside the concert, international cosplayer celebrities from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are also invited as guests. There are also will be cosplay competition that will be held during the festival, the winner of this competition will represent Indonesia against the best cosplayers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines on Regional Cosplay Competition in Anime Festival Asia 2013 at Singapore next November.

On the main stage Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center that can hold up to 3,500 visitors, AFA ID 2013 will present several guest stars from Anime industry. These amazing guests are including voice actors, cosplayers and anime producers. Several exclusive anime films are scheduled to be displayed; 'Gundam Unicorn Episode 6: Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows', 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie, Part 1: The Beginning and Part 2: Eternal' and 'Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea'. Famous Anime series 'Love Live! School Idol Project' will also be displayed. The first Tokusatsu production from Indonesia 'BIMA Satria Garuda' will also be exclusively displayed on the stage on AFA Indonesia segment.

AFA 2013 also added some international artists to spice up the stage, in the likes of Emi Nitta and T.M. Revolution. Emi Nitta is the voice actor of (Muse), the leader of lovable idol group in 'Love Live! School Idol Project'. And T.M. Revolution is the solo project from Takanori Nishikawa, singer and voice actors that known from the 'Rurouni Kenshin' anime series theme song called 'Heart of Sword'. AFA ID 2013 will be hosted by Danny Choo, Culture Japan producer, and Stella Lee, fashion blogger and model.

Hosts (Stella LeeSOZO, Zepp Live Enterainment, Marygops Studios and Megindo. The press conference was hosted by AFA ID 2013 own hosts, Danny Choo and Stella Lee.

Promoters (Shawn Chin-SOZO, Naoki Sekina-Zepp Live Entertainment, Shaane Harjani-Marygops Studios, Wendy Chandra-Megindo)

After the hosts opened the press conference, they invited Yoshinori Katori (Ambassador of Japan) to the stage to give his remarks. On this occasion, The Ambassador also introduced the Japan Week and Jak-Japan Matsuri programs that already begun in Septemer 2 until September 8, 2013. This was followed by remarks from Shawn Chin (AFA Festival Director, SOZO), Naoki Sekina (Zepp Live Entertainment), Shaane Harjani (Marygops Studios) and Wendy Chandra (Megindo).

Yoshinori Katori (Ambassador of Japan)

After few remarks, Danny Choo and Stella Lee invited some of the international guest cosplayers that will be featured in AFA ID 2013. Kaname (Japan), Ying Tze (Malaysia), Richfield (Indonesia) and Angie (Malaysia) were the ones that presented in this occasion. The hosts also presented some of the maids and butlers from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia that will serve the costumers in Maid and Butler Caf .

Maids & Butlers

As the highlight of the press conference, Aya Hirano, Eir Aoi and May'N were invited to the stage. The ladies were there to represent the performers of 'I LOVE ANISONG' first day concert. They cutely tried to speak and introduce themselves in Bahasa Indonesia.

So, do want more details regarding Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013? Keep checking on KAvenyou for daily updates and reports for this three days festival!

Photos & Article: Fadil@KAvenyou
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