Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Grandmother Samples Soup


Dream about Mith, country side, farm, where she lives. I can't remember how the dream started, but I came with her to her house, in silence both, through the wildlands, fields, high grass and stuff, trees on one side near the house.

We arrive at the back side. Light. There seems no transition from outside to inside and when we enter the small back hallway there might not be a roof. Everything connects naturally. At the moment her parents are not home, she is alone in the house. She waits in the hallway, which is really small, sits down. I sit down too, but lower, maybe even on the floor. I sit on her left side, she is on my right, and right is where we came from.

There is a small wooden bench where you can sit, made for two persons, in this full packed room. Even on the bench there is stuff, and she sits on things, but she must be used to it, because she has no intention of moving things. But that is why she is higher than me.

We sit there motionless and speechless for some time, then she starts to work, this is her house after all, and I interrupted her in her work on the farm. When I met her in the field, she was carrying a very plain plastic bag, with oranges in it.

At some other moment when we sit there I see how she usually comes through the hay on the field with her plastic bag, she is beautiful. In that scene she is alone.

She puts away the plastic bag with oranges, and then she stands up and takes the other bags with oranges lying underneath her as well and gives them a place. I had thought so that it was oranges that she sat upon, though I could not believe it. I believe it now.

I see other groceries that she did in front of me on the floor, more to the left, and I think it might be a good move to ask if I can help, so I ask, and I help a little bit.

The next scene is in the kitchen. Maybe there were vegetables in the grocery bags that I looked into and this changed the scene into a kitchen scene. We are both standing in the kitchen, she still on my right, and washing some vegetables I think. And I watch her, and at some point I see how she is about to bin a leftover from yesterday, I assume in the dream, that can be perfectly well turned into a nice potato salad for the two of us, so I stop her and explain. But as I explain I tell her what the idea is and start cutting the potatoes. There are carrots too. In the plastic container she had, they did not look very well, but cooked and in big chunks. Once I work them, they become better.

There is also sauce, some stock, that must have been in the container, and I used that to pimp the dish. I work the carrots too. And then I find some ends of leek, which I had not seen before, but I start working that too. And that is the special treat, because I thought it would be only potato and carrot.

I very carefully cut the leek, and after a while it is cooked too, this is because at the same time it seems that Mith is working with leek too, very big stalks, and they are dark green because they are cooked too, and she washes them and prepares them. If this is the kitchen of my parents, then this is all done at the sink.

That is about the time I persuade myself to put my arm around her body, something that I wished to do since a long time. I think she is a bit unsure about it, but I can't remember well.

There are some tomatoes too, now, maybe only two, she handles them, and it reminds me of the fact that vegetables are living things, even when they are harvested. I thought of this with the leek already. And I tell her, I think I sit at the kitchen table now, and I want to share with her this bit of personal knowledge. I tell her this and show the tomatoes, and say about the leek that when you cut it it still grows. And she nods although she is not listening, but still doing her work, but I understand that she realized the same thing already, maybe because her father told her.

Then the dream passage links to an earlier passage in the dream, with N. This is because we are in the same house, which many years ago was the property of an old man, a writer, whose work got famous through other people, but no one knows about the writer, and there is a person in the dream who wants to track him down. I don't remember how this links in with the dream about Mith, but when the passage with Mith ends, then I am still dreaming, and this last part of dreaming is filled with me leaving, and I see on my left, because I go to the right where we came in in the first place, a shelf high up on the wall, with DVDs, one after the other. And maybe they are video tapes, because they look very old, and I read the titles and I remember those, and these are the heritage of this writer, though even the DVDs have not found a big audience. About halfway, there is a title that says Courage, and when I read the next one, it also says Courage, and the next one also says Courage. But the others had different names, but they all had meaning to me, though I was not the person trying to track the writer or his work.

That is where the dream ends.

Before those two passages naturally came some other passage.

I am out with my brother N. We eat something in an old house, this must be the same house as the kitchen above. Long and narrow, dark and from a time of two or three generations ago. The house is being cleaned or tidied up. Maybe a link with the family of our mother.

Maybe someone died.

When we eat, this is in the living room, not a very good sofa, but we don't sit in that, but sit in the same direction of the length of the house and watch telly, or I want to show my brother something, and at some point being online, I come across some dirty site, but I click it anyway, and both men, women and children appear and give some comment to N, who must be rolling his eyes, I am a bit ashamed of this. (Maybe this telly watching is from a later dream).

At some point in the kitchen, I am at my regular place, I think N is on my right, and there is circulating an old note book with sketches. And other people are in the room, for example my father, and my other brother.

And when I see a sketch and call out that I know it, no one listens but I persist and show my brother. All is drawn in pencil and it looks old. The drawing I show has clouds and a boat, but the name of the boat refers to a song that people were humming just a minute ago, and I tell them that this is the connection. This writer lived here.


First we are outside, but then we go in, N is there and someone else, maybe two other persons, among which a girl, that I fancy, but she has a boyfriend who is also here, either my brother or someone else.

We arrive first in the bathroom, and when we want to leave this and come to the living room, there is someone busy with something. This we already knew and we knew we were not allowed to disturb him, dark in the living room, light in the bathroom, but I wanted to go anyway and take a look. Now we have to retreat back into the bathroom, which reminds me of that of my parents.

N is very careful and respects the person's wishes and does not want to make a single noise. For that reason he says he will be lying on top of something, because this place is packed with stuff. A high place, but he says to his girl friend that she should lie on the floor, it is just wide enough for her, beside her is the bathtub and behind her is more stuff.

I see my chance, because I can't be bothered with the silence, and I ask the girl if I can lie with her and she says yes, and she is okay with it.

What happens after is a bit confused.

I go out alone, because now my brother is no longer my brother, I don't think he was my brother the second time in the bathroom anyway, so I am staying with these people, which is another family, but I don't know why. Something will have to be done, but I don't know what, there must be a reason. Then I go through the living room outside, and outside it is Leuven Fair, and it is crowded, but not long after I go I spot my parents, this is a coincidence, but I knew it could happen. However, now I am torn between two options. One option is to go with the family, but the original option remains, which is whatever it is I have to do with that family. The thing is that I only have twenty minutes or half an hour time, and I can't decide, because if I eat out with my own family this will take longer. If I don't I might insult my family. That is the choice I am faced with.

Both my parents are here, mother is leading and it is her that I talk with, both brothers are here, and members of my father's family, among which aunt M. And maybe uncle B. Mother definitely does not want me to come along, but still I can't decide.

There is a fragment of this dream that might come at the very beginning, which is outside, I am with my brother N, near a parking lot and a bridge over the river Dijle.

There is also another fragment still in the house, but I can't figure out anymore when it happened in the dream. People my age stream in, and they are all starting families, couples, and babies or being pregnant. Somehow reminds me of Ande. I have no connection with those people, though in the past it might have been different.

Next thing I know is that my family is in the house, I am here too and come again from the bathroom I think. Now the living room is crowded, a small kitchen is on the left. I work my way through the people to greet my family, in fact my mother, and I see that she brought to elderly people, that my brothers don't know about, but who I recognize as an unknown grandmother, and her assistant, probably an aunt. I greet them too and want to give them special treatment. The grandmother wants to taste the soup, but she can't because she has no teeth. Moreover, she has no glasses and new ones were promised her, so I give those to her, they were lying on a table nearby, but after that action nothing is done with the glasses.

She tastes the soup where she is standing, but it is too hot and she spits it out again. Then she continues her way to the kitchen forcing away through the people, and I watch, now she tastes the soup, which is light green and mixed and might be spinach or water cress, and she take a spoonful in her mouth and spits it out again immediately in the pot. I am a bit affronted. But don't say anything. She is just not the right person for doing this.

Now this is the moment when N and I retreat ourselves to another living room, where the bathroom used to be, and sit ourselves in front of the tv, and I accidentally come to a website with porno, but instead of leaving it I enter it, only three clicks and then I leave, but I am a bit ashamed of showing my behaviour to my brother, although there is no one else there.

After that the dream scene changes to outside and new people, we arrive at a meeting point, which might be up in the mountains, and this is a parking lot, and here we are meant to gather.

I'm not there at all at first, I only watch how these friends come together, I don't know any of them, but even in the dream I was aware that they seemed to represent people I know in reality.

One couple has already arrived and have kids. Another just arrives, and parks in a different spot. The woman is pregnant, this is news, and she wants to share it with her friends, all of them know already, except for the one guy who is single, but he is not paying attention and is playful.

The girl wants to catch his attention a few times, and gets angry when he does not show interest, though he himself is unaware of it. Then they all come together, but the man of the first couple is also angry on the single guy, because he is so playful. The man has white hair, rather too early for his age. But he is tall and looks angry. The singly guy cares not.

All of them go in. There is some complex, maybe a theatre, inside. Something the single guy wants to see.

When they go in, it is me going in and my parents, and maybe N.

First the hall, then to the left, there is some children's theatre with puppets going on, this is what I wanted to see so badly. But it is really for children.

D&S are already there, as well as D&A, with whom too I arranged to meet. The show has already begun even if it is only five minutes, but it means we are late and that we interrupt the show. Moreover, I don't see any other way then to pass in front of the public, between the public and the puppets. Not good. I hesitate, but my mother goes through anyway, I think that's bad form.

There is a long white table in front of the puppet show, and chairs are on both sides, but people sit on one side only of course, the side turned to watch the show. D&A are on the left, D&S are somewhere in the centre, a little to the left. We go all the way to the right and look for a place to sit. The chairs are all occupied with children and I realize we made a mistake.

The puppeteer stops her show when we pass, and I think that is bad. After that she has trouble to continue again. We are a big group but sit down.

Now things become a little awkward. The puppeteer still does not know how to continue. I am looking for a better place to watch, because we can't see a thing from where we're sitting. I see two chairs unoccupied, and hesitate to go there, because they are between very young children and it might be disturbing for the children. Then next to D there is also a chair, but they have a son, and he sits on the side, so I would still sit between two very young children, that does not seem to be appropriate.

So I don't move but I keep my eyes open. I am considering taking my chair and sitting behind them. Then from behind us comes a Chinese woman and she says to our group that there are still place left in the centre. I nod but don't act. Then she says it again, and a third time, and she is anxious, maybe because there will otherwise be no one to watch the show. So I move after all, and there are more spaces left than I imagined and I gather that kids have left, which is bad.

When I change place, I sit near to D&S. And father is behind me, and the place is now full with adults instead of kids.

Then, finally, the woman resumes her show, but it is very different. She has three very big puppets, which are connected as one, so that she can move the three of them with two hands. In the middle is a lady puppet, and on the sides to male warriors. The lady is the central figure. All puppets are as big as a normal person. Father says the warriors are called Shengu, this must be some Chinese.

In fact the puppeteer is a Japanese young woman, and the first part was in Japanese. Now this current scene reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin, but it must be a Chinese variant. When we look at the handout we got, it seems to refer to Indian myth. I don't know the characters, but my father does, and he says I know them, because I read all those stories.

There is a fragment here too, maybe before the puppeteer resumes her show where I have a remote control and I zap on the internet, but somehow again I end up on a pornographic site. Again I am ashamed of it, orange, projected big in front of the puppeteer. And I have difficulties closing the site, because the x to close the window is in the right lower corner, not upper. And D is really upset with me. I am on his left now. I try to close the window or windows as quickly as possible.

The last bit of the dream was when my father and I looked at the sheet, and I tried to recognize the names of the plays, but none of it was familiar, though it reminded me of Ramayana and so on.
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