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HOORAY is what I wanna say, but the holidays aren't that much exciting as I thought it to be

Usually I will have a line of things I wanna do listed up in my head, but it looks like I'm better off enjoying it relaxingly and peacefully in my own cozy safe haven. Plus I got so lazy I've been pushing off my blog entries too

But I did enjoy myself quite a lot not forced to worry much about anything

It's mostly just clamped up in my room and watching Japanese shows all day but luckily my mom has some control over me haha

Several weeks ago, I went to a summer matsuri festival with Cheryl. It was my first time at a Japanese festival and I was quite psyched up for it. I kinda imagined out those scenes I saw in mangas and anime showsIf you're a Japan culture maniac like me, you'll probably be excited about anything related to Japan and such haha but in my case, it's a lot worse, so you could almost imagine how much I cherished the experience.

I even rented out and wore a yukata for that day, and it certainly allowed to fully appreciate the culture wholly! There were Japanese people at every corners and cute little children wearing there flowery beautiful yukatas flocking here and there in groups. I was enraptured in the atmosphere as even my favorite music by PERFUMESpending All My Time was played live

I really liked wearing the yukata but it was a bit uncomfortable and stuffy. It was kinda hard to breath for the whole day haha. Worse, a lot of people were wearing the same yukata that I was wearing from the rental stall haisI thought it was embarrassing and that people would stare, but no one did and I was glad haha

If only I had a boyfriend with me on that day. I think I'd never ever forget such a wonderful day but the experience alone with Cheryl was more than good enoughSince it was held at a Japanese school, it really felt like I was in Japan, close enough

Due to monetary budget, I didn't get to eat all the Japanese food they were selling but I did try my favorites

I got a bite of the taiyaki from Cheryl and it was so fluffy heh. The okonomiyaki was savory as well, hot from the pan.

Most of the money was spent on merchandizes and souvenirs hahaFour Arashi photos and a obligatory buy of a orange water bottle from the Albirex soccer team stall. Because Cheryl and I got a 2 shot with the handsome soccer team coach, we couldn't just walk away with empty hands hahaI felt so happy and thrilled, my footsteps became so much lighter after taking a photo with him hehe

I also donated to the Japanese primary school charity where the money will aid the Japan earthquake survivors, and in return I get to choose a candle, handkerchief or a handmade bracelet, all that comes with a note from the Japanese students to the donatorsI reckon it'll help out those Japanese kids greatly so I forked out a bit

I also took this chance to experiment on my long-abandoned Fuji DSLR, a bit battered but still usable!

Since there were countless number of small adorable kids, it involved a lot of kids photography haha and a lot more colorful because of their kimonos and yukatas. I had to be careful not to offend their parents though haha

I even took a picture with two sisters who allowed us shyly after we asked for their permission heh, I managed to apply what I learnt in class hahaha

I know taking a picture of this is really kiasu of me haha but seeing Nino's large face made me swoon like a batWhen will I get to see him in reality

A two shot with a chef who was promoting some rice ball snacks

Because Cheryl and me had been invited to the Albirex soccer game, I willingly agreed but I had to convince Cheryl over and over to accompany me hahaha it's true that we two have mutual disinterest in soccer but just to support the Japanese soccer team..(I told you my obsession was quite bad)

It wasn't bad at all! We got to see little Japanese cheerleading kiddies come out and perform an AKB song It was an peaceful enjoyable affair with a pasta bento to accompany us and we ended up talking about our favorite mangas in between when we were bored haha

Two shot with Cheryl

Talking about mangas, I've been addicted to reading some of them like Ao Haru Ride (, Aoharaido), Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu ("Today, I'll Start Our Love") and a lot more. I'm currently reading Strobe Edge which Cheryl introduced and I'm liking it a lot from the beginning already. I guess it can't be helped when the main guy character is dashing as hell

I've never been an avid fan of romance but this is a whole lot different than what I thought haha I wish I could have known about these shojo mangas when I was still in secondary school (although I didn't really look that decent at the period of my lifetime lol)

Darn, wish reality was that awesome

Plus, Japanese dramas had never been so fun!!! I just finished the series of Bloody Monday, a terrorist related thriller manga-based live drama and also the Koishite Akuma, which is a story of a vampire enrolling into a high school, falls in love with a female teacher and realizes that two of them were actually their high school close friends who liked each other.

There are so many male actors I fell in love with but just to name a few, Takeru Sato from Rurouni Kenshin and Narimiya Hiroki, playing the role of the terrorist leader Kanzaki J. It's really rare of me to fall in love with a villain but Hiroki-kun's boyish smirk melts my heart every time

First guy is Hiroki-kun and the second photo is Takeru Sato-kun

Tell me how not to fall in love with them

It's all very unrealistic, but that's the point of it. The scenes in the dramas are just so cute and my fantasizes sometimes gets too far but it's all in good fun after all.

I'm also into ONE ROCK OK's songs especially theirThe Beginning which was Rurouni Kenshin the movie's OST and that's how I got to know about them heh

And I think I just summarized most of the exciting things that I've done in my holidays till now hahaha

But don't worry, my mom is making me mug HSK (Chinese qualification papers), SAT and TOEFL during the afternoon so I won't become complete dune when vacation ends. All these worries about universities and my future really bogs me down everytime. Urgh, I still have SIP to face head on. Everything's just gonna be so surreal and fast when it comes

But I shall make this vacation as useful and fun-packed as possible so I won't have to regret anything once the wave of school term hits

But for now


Time to laze around haha

And in December, I'm going back to Korea for 2 weeks to visit my relatives and indulge in the culture of my home country! I can't wait for that tripBut before that I need to start losing weight so that I can look good in front of my relatives and strut confidently on the streets in Korea

The last time I went, I was still chubby and I couldn't lift my head up properly because everyone on the streets were either too pretty or handsomeand there was me. Standing out (which was all psychological but still, )because I was too ugly lol ok I shall stop tormenting myself haha

A prove that I'm exercising hahaha

Cheryl and I went to eat our free meal at Waraku with our vouchers in hand haha it was satisfying not to empty our pockets and yet enjoy such a filling meal

Oh and before I sign off from here, just wanna say I uploaded a dance cover of 'Mr. Music' choreographed by Miume

Coordinate for the dance cover

It's a really cool dance (not that I am cool enough for the dance haha) so do check it out
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