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Iluka: people die alone, all will disappear. Past or present life, but also the future will disappe

"Naruto" is a Japanese manga artist Masashi Kishimoto's little mermaid movie masterpiece, works since 1999 in the magazine "Youth JUMP" on the series,

the reader response was very enthusiastic. Subsequently, "Naruto" TV animation television in Tokyo, Japan, to become little mermaid movie the most popular anime. Succeeded the original story hidden in the darkness, with the world's most powerful perseverance and effort to do the most difficult and the most densely not declare conceal little mermaid movie cruel things ninja, portrayed as the sun is most proud of the most promising little mermaid movie unlimited career. In this ninja world, every young masters are in the pioneering of their own tolerance little mermaid movie Road. Masashi little mermaid movie Kishimoto with strong colors and bristly little mermaid movie brush strokes to convey to the reader in a spirit: every man's existence is to protect the significance of their own people, even at the expense of life fight. Manic young blood,

mysterious Ninjutsu, bright cherry-like as precious friendship, give readers a sigh tears, irresistible volume.

Re-forming of the third generation and future generations of villagers Naruto has banned nine fox raid mentioned this incident, but still can not stop people from discrimination in Naruto. Even without the knowledge of their offspring, parents of infection, it would alienate Naruto. Therefore, Naruto grew much isolation. In order to cause other people pay attention to regular prank. But this situation in his success through the "ninja little mermaid movie school" graduation exam gradually changed, and to "become a Hokage" as the goal. Naruto with two friends - Sasuke Uchiha spring wild cherry, and their mentors Hatake Kakashi composition seventh class to perform various tasks.

Interests: love those days, do not eat vegetables, like watching movies and Impressionism Monet Masashi Kishimoto is the twin brother (his brother works of sacred little mermaid movie history Kishimoto "666", "Tenchu", etc.) early by the "Dragon Ball", "Hokuto no Ken", "A Dream," the impact of worship Akira Toriyama, Katsuhiro Otomo, Tetsuya Nishio (Naruto's little mermaid movie interesting is he the list in TV production staff). 1995 (sophomore) to "robot" (KARAKURI) won the "Weekly Shonen JUMP" in "HOTSTEP" Award, graduated from Kyushu Sangyo University. Was determined to martial arts comic creation, but "Rurouni Kenshin" and "infinite Immortal" launch and give up steering ninja comics. In "Naruto" extra number on the JUMP ago launched single works, appear to use witchcraft Naruto (Naruto Uzumaki). 1999 in the "Weekly Shonen JUMP" little mermaid movie No. 43 was officially launched his serial little mermaid movie "Naruto"

JUMP6, 7, No. merger announced on 12 th Popularity Poll Results: Naruto, Kakashi, Iluka, Sasuke Uchiha, Mike, Hyuga Hinata, I love the moonlight blast, Bunta, Jiraiya, white , four generations of Naruto, Hinata Ning times, Haruno Sakura, peach ground do not cut (before the first vote has more than 70,000 votes, Kakashi crowned first)

Naruto TV version start running!

July 22 TOMY Company Offering GBA version of the game "NARUTO-naru Suites - naru Suites RPG cliffis it slightly expands by fire Full Will" (inherit the will of fire)

Character set: Tetsuya little mermaid movie Nishio, Suzuki Bowen animation dates back to the times when the second generation of Naruto rule, just become teenagers endure under Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade, Sarutobi day with points in the squad being cut. Sarutobi psychic surgery to show as an opportunity to practice the countersunk into the space-time Ninjutsu Jiraiya, strayed into the wonderful

Kiyama caught them, but that Jiraiya destiny curtain start. And the text is too young toad toad together a large audience with fairy Jiraiya, learned that his visit as early as expected, the big toad under the guidance of prophecy immortal, thanks to deep as the teacher, and then strive to practice the art of immortals.

OP14 (Shippuden little mermaid movie OP5)Tatari Hikaru Bruno Hikari (Firefly Light) by Kei kiFull But, ka ri (bio-Chief)

Part II OST ED16 (Shippuden ED1) Flow around Star ~ Shooting Star ~ by HOME MADE Family Movie 6 (Fire Will successor) Darekaga by PUFFY

Gaara: I am in the end for what exists, and survive it? I thought about this question but can not find the answer. However, it must be alive when reason, otherwise it makes no difference, and died. So I made such a conclusion: "I was to kill everyone besides little mermaid movie me exist and I live in fear of fear of being assassinated, just fighting for themselves, just love yourself live, as long as this world there to make me feel happy and alive to the existence of people killed I would not have gone. "

Shikamaru: I originally thought was just being a ninja, just to earn money. And then, and not the United States nor ugly woman marry two children, the first one is a girl, and the second is a boy. Etc. eldest daughter married son can work independently, when retired from the work of the ninja. After living under daily chess or chess leisurely seclusion. Then even earlier than his wife die of old age.

Naruto: I am, there you are in your future ----- I could not let Naruto phase: it is because of these people agree with me, so I was able to, whether there is a fox in my body, or be people in the village to look indifferent look, I do not feel sad, because I have not all alone! I had never thought it would be so happy and happy thing, really, really, really little mermaid movie great! I really think so ... I can stay here ... I'm here for my presence in this matter feel at ease. So whenever I recall little mermaid movie I think this is really great.

Naruto: Sasuke, I know you have been alone. I started to know a guy like me feel at ease, and very happy, I just really want to talk to you right away. However, I can not say. What ever you do it, it is always watched by everyone, you told me, it is not the same. As reconciled, so I will be without you as their competitors. I do not want to lose! Since the end of the crane is called, so more do not want to! Together make up the seventh class is still not changed. But I'm stubborn, the facts say it has not, in fact, I would love to become like you, you are my dream. So that's when I really had a great time! Because that is what you agree with me, said the first sentence. However, even if we do not intersect fist can understand. Although just did not say it, but we, we are friends!

Iluka: people die alone, all will disappear. Past or present life, but also the future will disappear together! Many people died in the war or the task, but things are not exactly earth-shattering, but simply die. It was also in those of the dead also have dreams, but we all have the same thing treasure - parents, brothers, friends or lovers, it was important for their own people, mutual trust and mutual assistance between, has been born from and cherished people pull together, little mermaid movie and then by the time pondering, become more strong. This is not a big deal! ! As long as this with the line so people will pull together, because it is the most cherished people! !

[Edit this paragraph] Kiba twelve characters tissue tolerance: a new generation of outstanding Konoha ninja twelve collectively, little mermaid movie there is Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga, Hyuga Ning times, Li Luoke, every day, dogs mound teeth, oil female Shino, Nara Shikamaru, autumn Dowding times, Ino Yamanaka, and has been a renegade Sasuke


Xiao Organization: an escape from the 10 S-class ninja secret organization composed. Members: little mermaid movie Nil Nil - Payne, Dragon - Dida, White Tiger - small South, Suzaku - Uchiha Itachi, basalt - absolutely empty Chan - Orochimaru (already out), South Doo - dried persimmon ghost shark, Compass - angles,

three Taiwan - Fei Duan, Lady - Red Sand Scorpion (death replaced little mermaid movie by the Uchiha spot). Existing three people: absolutely, Uchiha spots, ghost shark (plus Sasuke little mermaid movie hawk squad, a total of seven people);

Chakra is spiritual energy and physical energy generated by a perfect blend of energy, is generally used to display Ninjutsu can also be made linear bundle or cut off the same opponents chakra heretics reincarnation born of the surgery - Nagato Susanoo The male - Uchiha Itachi Tudun detonate clay - C4 Garuda - Dida Laredo escape pseudo dark - angles are thoroughly Dunshu little mermaid movie - Jiraiya water body technique - do not cut peach ground, dried persimmon ghost shark and other magic shadow Dancing Leaves: knock opponents in the bottom, and then play back the enemy in the air, the second round of attacks. little mermaid movie (Can be connected to 'Table Lotus')

Four images Seal - Fourth Hokage five Enchantment - Penn Magnetic - Sandaime Fengying, combined with sand
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