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One Ok Rock 2013 : Who are You?? Who Are We?? Tour 2013!

The most awaited Japanese Rock (Jrock) band is coming to town! The Malaysia LIVE!

One Ok Rock Concert

For those who does not know about One Ok Rock, they are a jrock band formed back in 2005 and have been doing many gigs where their style composes of very unique variations. The unique variations of music are Emo, Rock, Heavy Metal and their aggresive live performances. In the summer of 2010, they participated in many music festivals in various places. November 2010, they achieved their first live at the Nippon Budokan with the 11,000 concert tickets sold out.

One Ok Rock Band Lineup

One Ok Rock comprises of Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya. In the group, Toru is the leader and the guitarist which also contributes some vocals. Taka, is the main vocalist of the group where previously he belongs to the boy band group NEWS. Ryota, is the bassist of the group. Lastly, Tomoya is the drummer of the group. Many of their songs debuted in movies, games and much more. The most recent movie which is the Rurouni Kenshin with the song title of The Beginning; Re:Make is made into the main theme of Black Rock Shooter: The Game; Nothing Helps for Devil May Cry and much more.

One Ok Rock Live

The band is touring their way into Malaysia, proudly presenting the organization which is behind the concert scene of a joint collaboration between Toybox Projects, LAMC Productions and Rockstar Touring. In association with Amuse Inc. with their 2013

Who Are You?? Who Are We??

tour, as Kuala Lumpur made the centre stage for one of the stops in the Asia region. One Ok Rock will be holding their concert on 21st November 2013 @ KL Live from 8.30pm. The ticket sales started at 29th July 2013 with different price range from RM90, RM 150, RM 200 and RM 250 @ 10.00 am local time (GMT+08). The tickets can be purchased at:

Here are some of the concert live videos:

One Ok Rock - Karasu LIVE

One Ok Rock - Jibun Rock + Re:make LIVE

One Ok Rock - The Beginning Accoustic


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