Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Snow Befallen Crests


Fras and Phpa are coming. I go to my room. Fras makes a libation of mead. Lecu, who is a customer, follows me. Lucid moment.

Now my room is a large hall. She is looking for books to prepare herself for a talk (Fras?). I stay in the background, I don't want to participate just yet. The books are shelved at one end, the hall looks like a gym.

She reads (Lecu?), sits with me. When she is done, she lies down with me, as if this is the most natural thing to do, while I don't know her.

There is a fragment where I read something too, and this is a book about Suske and Wiske, it contains five stories, and is a pocket edition, so smaller than usual, but with a hard cover. Or three stories (according to my notes).

When things start to get close, I instinctively pull back. This happens a few times. I keep my distance, me all the way on the left, she right next to me, in the couch. So nothing happens. She does not understand, but the fact is that I want to be the one taking initiative.

Then Hage, who is a customer and a theologist, and Istu are there. And Lecu has a PSP with her to keep herself busy.

Then a fragment outside when we go from one place to another, in a very nice place, road, water on the sides, light, enclosed, quite and private. Outside, yet only connecting the rooms of our complex. We go one way first, then back, or turn back halfway, but continue, all this because first I walk alone and then meet Istu who comes from the other side. This was very lucid and bright. And at the same time confusing to remember.

The water runs alongside the road, but there is sometimes also grass, but sometimes the water is right next to the road, and sometimes on the other side. But when I look at the water is is very clear, and I see a miniature whale swimming in it. And maybe other animals, which I think is great. This when I turn back, and also on the way back, this was to catch up on people who were lagging behind, I also saw a hanky and put my hand in the water and took it from the water, but first waved it in the water in one smooth movement.

At some point Istu shows me, on the side of the road, when we stand still, an episode of an anime, and it is projected in the air, and I recognize it and in fact I knew in advance what she would show me, but I have seen the same episode weeks ago, so it is old news to me.

At that point, Suke is also there, who is a customer, who I know a little. She wants my jacket, and I give it to her, because she is always in need to help and I try to be kind. There is a bridge some way in front.

I want to prove to Istu that I already know the episode, but I can't remember the title. Suke knows it and helps me out. She says: Rurouni Kenshin. It might be one of those episodes, but it wasn't.

I also knew that Istu was watching the series, even though she only reveals it now. This because of telepathic communication, of which she is unaware.

Later, there is also Else, who is a witch, and I deal with her, she is a friend, and I talk about the episode because there is meaning in it, and this relates to what happens next, when I say things to Else, it becomes a little darker around her like winter, and it starts to snow, but only about her, and she wears a thick coat, fur, and is okay with the snow, because it is part of who she is. And this is because the title was something like Snow Befallen Crests.

In fact the water around here comes from the episode somehow. Just as the snow does.

The dream continues. I go into town. It is night and dark outside. There is a square. I must have passed there on my way to the top, because I had to go to the highest point of the city.

I am there, with a few people. When things are done, we go back. The street I want to take is closed, people are not allowed to go that way down. The people who live here decided that. This is a cobbled street, very nice, and I know the area well. There are many streets that go down that way, but we can't go there. So we have to turn back. This is inconvenient, because now we will pass the square again, and now there will be people busy there and I had wanted to avoid going there.

We take the stone stairs which is the pavement down, and come to the square, all this is pedestrian area, and there are many African people there and a few Western, and there is some Voodoo ceremony taking place, about which I was informed, and people stand around it in a circle, African people, and this is a trance session.

I heard their noise and music from faraway. Now close by one session is finished and the next starts. So only the two male leaders are now in the circle. Maybe one of them is Ma, the friend of Chwe. Two of them, and a third man is also black but a competitor. But he is not allowed within the circle, and the two of them really keep him out, because they know they can't win from him. But before this happened, the three of them had already decided to settle things next Friday, but this is the third man's initiative.

Now a new dance will begin. Those two look for people from the bystanders. Always from the same place, I am still not there, and he picks women and from the place where it is open, the side to the path down. Three times he chooses a lady, but the first two times I interfere and hold them back, because I know they mean evil to these women, and I want to protect them because they are innocent. The third one is someone of their own group, and I don't care about that. Then I go away with the two other ladies.

End of dream.


Kitchen. Brother D and I are talking about mother, this is already in the middle of a dream. She is in the neighbourhood, maybe the kitchen, and we in the dining room. Or she in the veranda and we in the kitchen. Anyway, I whisper. I'm actually not proud to do this, but want to say my opinion anyway, and D nods.

Both parents are present.

Then, Niru is here. This is when we leave, we are outside, pass through the city at night, and the roads are quite, and wide, when we come to a certain road, there are motorcycles parked, and the riders too, in the middle of the road, we continue, but Niru wants to challenge them and takes his motor, but his is a bit bigger than those present, so it is not a fair fight.

Things went like this first, when we arrived at this road, and had to cross it, two riders were just about to ride, and we are in between them and the others, so we see them coming towards us at full speed, and we let them and both of them jump over us. And it might have been dangerous, but nothing happened. They go a long way in the air. That is when Niru wants to test his own might. Of course he does better.

After this, if I remember well, he wants to teach them, and this goes wrong all the way, because he says they have to breathe this way or that, and people are confused and choke, and fall on the floor and so on. It really makes things worse.

Later, in the bus, I am in the bus, and I am single, which is important in the dream. There is also a couple. I know the man, maybe N.

But although I saw them since some time now, only when I pass again and look the woman in the eye do I see that it is Elbr.

And she says to me: did you not vow your love to one woman? She says this because I talked with the man about women, maybe about Chwe in my thoughts. But that is when I recognize her. I look her full in the face, her eyes. She has definitely matured, but still looks beautiful and majestic. Dark brown hair, a spark in her eyes. Smiling. She looks older.

When I recognize her I find myself in a difficult situation, because I vowed to myself to make her my wife. She is the one she is talking about. But it is clear enough that she has a boyfriend now. So, what can I do. Conversation continues, and at some point she jokingly threatens her husband saying that if he keeps doing this or that that she will leave him and marry me.

(From notes). Close family, man, child, grandchild (?), Elbr also a kid (writing this down gives me a sort of dejavu, I am sure that I wrote those words down before many years ago, maybe in a vision, remembering a dream).

Fragment in which I see my stones and crystals. This is in the shop (?).

Maybe last fragment, back in the kitchen, talking about construction, building, we are in the dining room, looking at the kitchen door, that is me, N and D and some other people who might be involved in building, because the side of the door on the right is broken, and the wall on the side, bottom, too. This has been so for some time, but now things cannot be postponed anymore. N is building a house for himself, which is why he talks about these things. The bad place in the wall, bottom, reminds me of the ruined wall in the shop.

I am thinking about isolation, because when you build a new house, then isolation is important, maybe sheets of lead too, because it keeps radiation out, but N says that it will reflect the radiation inside the house too, and that will be bad. That is the last thing and I am already waking up.

Before that was this. At home, living room, N and a woman, I am here. Something something, maybe waiting, because it is Chwe. Maybe the woman is Chwe and she is bound to N. Because she has a cold she sleeps with N. Three or four hours, she says, at night, only at Monday, Tuesday, and maybe also Wednesday. So it is a compromise.
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