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Day 12: Fanfic Quote Day

I wasn't planning to out-and-out "rebel" and change a Day's topic until later in the month, but try as I might, I couldn't think of anything good to do for Day 12's original topic (Comic Quote Day). I just don't read enough comics to make it interesting, and I already used up my favourite comic quotes for Day 1, so there'd be no point recycling them. I can't call upon Quest to help me out with a vlog, either, since she reads even fewer comics than I do.

Instead, I've decided to devote this Day to a literary form which I don't think gets enough press. Yup, I said "literary form". Although most would probably find it laughable, I'm very passionate about the idea of fanfic being seen as a literary form with equal value to original prose. When most people think of fanfiction, they think of ungrammatical prose written by angst-ridden teenagers, plot holes and Mary-Sues, unnatural pairings and awful porn. I'm not denying that there is an abundance of all of the above out there, but there is also an abundance of beautifully written, thoughtful, profound, funny and insightful fanfiction that tends to get forgotten about. So for Day 12, I'm going to spotlight the very best quotes from some of my favourite fics, and show off what fanfiction can do when given the chance.

Be warned if you click on any of the links that some of these fics are NSFW (Not Safe For Work, in other words, mature-rated).

Let's kick things off with my very favourite quote from all of fanfiction. This is from a fic entitled Final Battles, by Blossomwitch. Have you ever read a fanfic which makes you ache with longing for the characters to be real? For me, this is one of those fics.

"There was solace, in those eyes. Something that Hiei had only just seen, these past few days, for the first time ever in the eyes of another living being. The look not of someone who was trying to understand, or who thought they understood; but of someone who understood so deeply and completely that it was past understanding, it just was. Anyone who felt a need to say they understood didn't, anyway; if you truly understood someone, there would be no need to announce it, it would just exist."

(Blossomwitch, ''. Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho)

Moving from profound to laugh-out-loud funny, this is a fic series with so many hilarious quotes that I could fill the entire blog post with them, but I'll just restrict myself to a couple.


"Watching you two fight is like watching a dictionary beat up a thesaurus."

(kyaticlikestea, '. Fandom: BBC's Sherlock)

As you know I'm a Peter Pan fanatic, and dress without sleeves writes some beautifully eloquent Peter Pan fics. Sometimes I forget that these lines don't come from the original story.

"And by pure will alone, you've offended all reason."

(dress without sleeves, '. Fandom: Peter Pan)

"But perhaps, says that tiny little voice that maybe still believes in fairies, it is YOU that do not understand, YOU in this tidy house with a tidy husband and a drawer full of dreams."

(dress without sleeves, '. Fandom: Peter Pan)

gidget89 (or areyoumarriedriver on AO3) writes an excellent Eleventh Doctor, and this is a quote from one of her fics which has his voice to a T, and always makes me smile.

"I love a good hammock. Beds. You can SWING in. Best thing ever!"

(gidget89, '. Fandom: Doctor Who)

Another fanfic which is extremely eloquently written all through is Khrysalis' Ubiquitous. I love the alternate universe that she writes the characters into, and I wish there were more of it even as I appreciate that it is perfect as it is. I think this is my favourite single quote from it, as well as the one which works best out of context.

"To some, that's all life is. A dance that's everywhere."

(Khrysalis, '. Fandom: Rurouni Kenshin)

This fic is my most recently-read out of the ones I'm including in this post. It came to me via Quest, who gave me a USB full of some of her favourite fanfiction, saved as pdfs, from the TV shows Supernatural and Merlin. I loved some of the quotes in this fanfic so much that I highlighted them as I went along. This one, in particular, speaks to me as a linguist:

"And what is language, but an attempt to systematize and catalogue the world? It is a human system for channeling the universe into something meaningful. And because it is a human system, born from the mouths and ears of generations, it is beautiful for both the ways in which it conforms to the same shape and the ways in which it deviates, all its charming irregularities. Language is a flawed vessel, beautiful both in the ways that it contains meaning and the ways that it lets meaning slip through the cracks."

(cadignan, '. Fandom: Supernatural)

This fanfic has one of my favourite opening lines out of all the fanfiction I've read. I'm sure there are other opening lines out there which are more dramatic, or funny, but this is the one that always got stuck in my head. I've actually been trying to track down the fanfic that started like this for a while, thinking it came from a different fandom, and looking on fanfiction.net instead of Livejournal. Well, I've found it now!

"The day the world goes to hell in a handbasket starts out beautiful and crisp, with the cherry blossoms and the promise of spring on the air "

(doomcake, '. Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Finally, I want to share some amazing lines from incredible Harry Potter fanfics I've read, which I know my usual audience for this blog will appreciate. These aren't by any means the only Harry Potter fics I would recommend, just the most quotable ones.

"What Regulus hates most about the Order is that they don't wear masks.

The Death Eaters live by anonymity. It is the crucial rule to every secret society. The Order does not seem to understand; they rush into the thick of battle with their wands at the ready and their hearts on their sleeves."

(thirty2flavors, ')

"The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and the Potters had always been BLAZING.

You just wish, sometimes, that the Dursleys glowed a LITTLE brighter."

(thirty2flavors, ')

Sirius stopped at the dormitory door and sighed, feeling world-weary. "Oh, but for June," he cried, flinging the door open, "when new experience-oh MOTHERFUCKING WHAT--"

(gyzym, '')

"The bartender reaches past and her scent is suddenly matted fur and sharp pine, masked by the thick layer of whiskey and smoke. Frozen, eyes meet in a moment of recognition as she smells it on him, too.

When he gets his bill, she has undercharged him.

When he leaves, he over-tips."

(afterthree, '')

Hopefully, this might have given some of you a newfound appreciation for what fanfic can do, or maybe just reinforced what you knew it could do already. If you like any of the fandoms listed above, then it might also give you some reading material. I thoroughly recommend checking out the whole of , which in spite of its lack of admin updates is still an active fanfic site, and contains a wealth of wonderful writing.

And now, I'll leave you with a quote from Captain Jack Sparrow:


(SmittyChittyBangBang, '. Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean)
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