Monday, January 13, 2014

Crystal Ball: Watchlist for 2014

Well, 2013 barely worked out the way I wanted to. I still got to watch some of the anime I wanted to review.So, on to 2014. Here's what I have planned so far:

Clannad (24 episodes)

Clannad After Story (25 episodes)

Attack on Titan (25 episodes)

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (rewatch-26 episodes)

Someday's Dreamers (12 episodes)

Someday's Dreamers II: Sora (12 episodes)

Sword Art Online(25 episodes)

Patlabor (OVA version) (7 episodes)

Saiyuki (rewatch-50 episodes)

Beyond the Boundary (12 episodes)

Ai Yori Aoshi (72 episodes)

Blood-C (12 episodes)

Speed Racer (52 episodes)

Voices of a Distant Star

5 centimeters per second

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

Rurouni Kenshin (YES! Found this one!-94 episodes)

and that's just some of the stuff I plan to watch next year. See you in 2014!
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