Sunday, January 12, 2014

Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode 2 "Hachiken, Find Vice President" Preview Images and Synopsis and OP and ED Release Dates

Despite any tears on over them on Mikage's part, exams are over, and it's time for the school tradition of going around picking up all the garbage. In the line of finding interesting things while on litter patrol, like that brick over, Hachiken is about to find another pretty fun something.

These come out pretty fast. I made a mistake last time and called Hachiken "Vice President" because I accidentally swapped his position with the one of our furry friend up there. All the same, this episode contains one of my favorite Hachiken moments, the one the fifth picture is part of.

Screenplay is by , the first series's compositor and both series's main scriptwriter. Storyboarder and director is , largely an episode director on things like the old Rurouni Kenshin anime but also a sometimes storyboarder on things like the GITS: 2nd GIG. And animation direction is being handled entirely by Magic Bus, one of the animation companies that did key and production assistance in the first series.

(Images from (c) Hiromu Arakawa, Aniplex, Fuji TV, Shogakukan Creative, and the Ezono Production Committee)

Oh, and while I'm in the neighborhood, the new OP and ED have their release dates. "LIFE" by will launch on February 12th, and "Oto no Naru Hou E" by will be out a week later on the 19th.
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