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The Kawaii Marble Wonderland Experience (Pic Heavy Post)

First of all, thank you to Cosplay Network Philippines for inviting me to this wonderful event. I really enjoyed my time there! (*^ ^*)

Marble Wonderland started fashionably late at around 7 PM. When I arrived at Movie Stars Cafe, there was already a long line near the entrance. Good thing there was a separate pass for bloggers to enter. And luckily, there are already seats assigned for bloggers near the stage. (((o(**)o)))

I'm seated near the stage btw and that's how close I am to the models, etc. I'm in the third row and beside me are my blogger friends Ian of , and Sese of .

Full house baby!

Contact lenses, false lashes, nail polish, and wigs are on display during the event. I was expecting exhibits of clothes from Kawaii brands though. ()

You can get these products online atvia Hallo Hallo Mall.

I took a pic while the event hasn't started yet. Sorry I took it at the wash room. This is the only place where the lighting was good.

The food was so good! I love the rice with seafood! I'll definitely go back there coz of this.

The event started with Miume and 217's dance performance. They danced to the traditional rendition of . You should check out the video. The steps were modified to suit 2 dancers.

They really danced well and gracefully. They also sang the song while they danced. ~()~

At the end, Alodia appeared wearing an elegant kimono. ()

Ms. Rhianna Floresca, an Animax Animate, hosted the event.

Alodia, Miume, and 217 promoted the kawaii products - nail stickers, facial mask, contact lenses, and wig.

The search for the Alodia Sisters started next, with 8 participants. Here are some photos of the girls. They danced, sang, and modeled for the crowd. All of them were asked what is kawaii for them.

I wanted this girl (above) to win coz she sang one my favorite songs,She also knows the dance steps. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. ~(~)

There was also a cosplay showcase by Kristell Lim, Jia Gold Bustamante, and Mimi Mon.

All of them danced to songs from the series they are cosplaying.

Sadly, I was only able to take nice photos of Kristell though. o()o

Myrtle Gail was also in the event. She sang several songs such asof Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, andof School Rumble. ( )

I'm not sure if the clothes she's wearing is hers or from Marble Wonderland.

She looks like a kawaii pirate. () ~

It was Alodia's turn to sing. She sang the theme song of Marble Wonderland, ''.

Again, I'm not sure if the clothes of the backup dancers are part of the Marble Wonderland show or are just costumes for the said number. I'm guessing that the clothes that Alodia's wearing is so, coz it kinda reminds me of Harajuku style.

This is one of the audiences that was lucky enough to be on stage. This little girl, named Ashley, knows some parts of the Kawaii Girl song. This little one is so adorable! ().

Miume and 217 performed once again. I'm not familiar with the song they're dancing but I'm pretty sure it's from Vocaloid. (~)~

The event was about to end and people were asked who among the Alodia Sisters' participants were their picks.

The runners up were announced, and surprisingly, they picked 3 girls. It was supposed to be 2 runner ups, but after seeing the kawaii participants, they added another winner.

Here are the 3 runner ups - Ms. Mina Kim, Ms. Kahreen Evangelista, and Ms. Lou Angeline Ulanday. These 3 girls received Php 10,000 prize each.

The Grand Winner was Ms. Raechelle Redecio, who cosplayed as Edward Elric genderbend version. I also liked her performance coz she sang and danced to , Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood's Opening Theme. This was originally sung by Yui. She really deserved to win.

She bagged Php 50,000 prize plus a modelling contract.

Congratulations to the winners! (*`)

The event ended at around 9 PM. Surely, time flies when you're having fun! Here are some photos at the later part of the evening.

Myrtle Gail being interviewed by Hero, the Philippine-based anime channel where she works.

Ashley Gosiengfiao, Alodia's younger sister. I really like her cotton candy-pink hair! ()

And here are my loots - a charity pinky ring, nail stickers, and Pure Smile facial mask, plus my Blogger's ID Pass. Thank you Marble Wonderland! Hopefully next time, there will be more models and hopefully another show here in the Philippines. ( ' ` )
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