Sunday, February 2, 2014

[Anime] Real Life Rurouni Kenshin Sakabato Found in Japan

Turns out that the famous reverse bladed sword (literally sakabato) that was used by Himura Kenshin in the series is actually a real thing. Kenshin used this type of sword so that he could still fight and defend, but not kill his enemies with a lethal blow.

Up until now it was considered just something that was made up by manga artist, Nobuhiro Watsuki, and with no basis in the real world at all.

Well, up until now that is...

Thanks to the Kawakami family discovering the unusual sword in their warehouse last October, we now know otherwise. According to the report, they're calling the 11" sword a "kogatana" (short katana) and their report differs a little from others out there in that it claims that it was covered in rust. has that it was completely devoid of any such rust, but that's just nitpicking really. Who knows what it's true purpose was, but for now it'll do as an actual historical reference for one of the most famous blades in anime/manga history.

Either way this is definitely a pretty cool find and while it may be too short to be inlcuded in the offical registry of Japanese swords, it's still being designated as a Municipal Cultural Property that will protect it for years to come.

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